Sherbourne Silver

Hand-crafted jewellery, bespoke designs.

(Formerly Caroline Louise Jewellery.) 

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Sherbourne Silver. A Tale of Two Cities.

There is something soothing about being near water. I grew up in the very centre of England, where the nearest beach was several hours away. Instead of the sea, we had rivers, canals, streams and brooks. Flowing behind the streets where I lived, there was a small brook that fed into the Sherbourne River. I’d often walk there, unsuccessfully trying to avoid the stinging nettles that flourished on its shadowy banks.Now, living in Wellington, New Zealand, I feel very lucky to have a plethora of waterways around me; from the rugged beauty of Makara beach, to the winding Pakuratahi River, or the tranquil calm and boat sheds of Te Onepoto Bay. In these places, I can put day to day life aside and allow inspiration to take seed. Whether that’s from the tui feeding on the flax that I walk past, or an idea in my mind that is given space to flourish. Here, by the water, is where Sherbourne Silver begins. 

"I just bought the leaf necklace. It's so delicate and beautiful. Thank you!"


December, 2018